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Friday, July 19, 2024 

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

Did you know there’s a way to tap into your mind’s full potential for increased intelligence, elevated energy levels, razor-sharp intuition and an exponentially more fulfilling life? 

Fact is, most people don’t know how to access this treasure trove of innate wisdom and so hold themselves back from the life they truly desire.

What’s more, they feel constantly drained of the vital energy that makes life FUN and EXCITING.

Have you ever wondered why…

  • You’re never truly in the present moment and your mind drifts to the past or future instead of staying in the NOW
  • You lose confidence in social situations and fail to connect with others
  • You have trouble connecting with your hypnosis subjects at times and feel unsure of the best way to help them
  • You’re frequently distracted and can’t seem to focus on a task or long term goal
  • You lose confidence in social situations and fail to connect with others
  • You lack the energy or zest to go after what you want most 
  • You often feel frustrated or annoyed for no apparent reason
  • You feel like you’re “stuck-in-a-rut” going through the same thought patterns
  • You fear spontaneity and tend to focus on what might go wrong in your hypnosis sessions
  • You have a nagging sense that something feels “off” 
  • You second-guess yourself, wondering if you have what it takes to become a master-level hypnotist

Sound familiar?

Needless to say, that's the kind of mental and emotional drain sapping the life out of millions of people, and out of would-be elite-level hypnotists.

Now, what if I told you that you could gradually RE-WIRE your mind’s circuitry to become more intuitive, optimistic, confident and exponentially more SUCCESSFUL?

And that you could become an “enhanced version” of yourself by unleashing the FULL power of your mind?

In fact, you can realign and re-balance yourself to open up your incredible potential and...

Transform Into The Most Vibrant Version Of Yourself In-Tune With Your Mind & Body!

And once that happens...

  • You’ll think faster on your feet and come up with creative new approaches in your hypnosis sessions 
  • You’ll feel more energized and ready to conquer each day with excitement and purpose
  • You’ll easily develop close bonds and improve the quality of your relationships
  • You’ll enjoy the present moment instead of drifting into the past or future 
  • You’ll increase your focus and attention increasing your capacity to complete goals and projects 
  • You’ll easily solve problems that used to defeat you
  • You’ll grow your emotional and mental resilience 
  • You’ll feel a sharp sense of intuition with answers to difficult problems spontaneously bubbling up in your mind ( Milton Erickson’s intuition was incredibly strong!)
  • You’ll update your mind and body with new positive resources to replace negative thought patterns 
  • You’ll remove all the existing obstacles buried inside the mind... and... replace them with the success mindset that can transform you into Master Hypnotist
  • Your life will feel more meaningful, joyful and full of purpose

And best of all, I’ve created an easy system to get you there.

From the desk of
Master Hypnotist
Igor Ledochowski

Uniquely Qualified To Help You Change Your Life For The Better With Self-Hypnosis...

Igor Ledochowski is a world-renowned hypnotist, author, lecturer, teacher, coach and Fortune 500 consultant crusading to bring legitimate self-hypnosis information to the public.

 Author Of The Best Selling, "The Deep Trance Training Manual"

 Author Of Over 100 Different Hypnosis Training Products & Seminars

 Internationally Acclaimed Master Hypnosis Trainer

 Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer

 Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer

 Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer

 The world's leading authority on conversational or covert hypnosis

 Graduate of Exeter University in England with a law degree

 British lawyer and black belt martial artist

 Preferred trainer for hypnosis organizations such as the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and the Hypnotherapy Association

 Creator of training programs for corporate executives

 Successful entrepreneur who has started million-dollar and multi-million dollar privately-held companies

 Igor has developed what many believe is the most effective self-hypnosis program available today.

Hi. My name is Igor Ledochowski.

As a leading authority on hypnosis and the unconscious mind, my mission in life is to help others tap the storehouse of their vast brain potential.

And I know for a fact that making massive transformational changes is possible.

So why do so many people who read self-help books, write out goals and stay "positive" -- still fail to improve themselves and their circumstances?  

Simple: They try to boost their cognitive ability by focusing ONLY on the brain.

What’s more, they use techniques without knowing WHAT they do, HOW they work or WHY they are doing them.  

But as any scientist can tell you, your body is connected through neural pathways that transmit signals between the body and the brain to control your breathing, digestion, movement, thinking, feeling… you name it. 

In fact, most people think the human body has only ONE brain when in reality many areas of the body are surrounded by NEURONS (brain cells!) that also act as “control centers” responsible for vital flows of energy and information.

More specifically, you have THREE brains in your body, all playing a critical role in your health and well-being: 

THE CARDIAC BRAIN: The heart region is home to 40,000 neurons -- this where you process your emotions, desires, your life’s mission and purpose, and interpersonal connections. 

THE CEPHALIC BRAIN: Your head region is filled with 86 billion neurons! It’s the seat of cognition, consciousness, it creates narratives and is in charge of making big decisions.

THE ENTERIC BRAIN: The gut region is abuzz with 100 million neurons. It responds to challenges, gets you moving and doing, and drives your core sense of self.

Needless to say, if you want to operate at your FULL potential, then your three brain centers must EACH operate at THEIR full potential, all while getting in tune with one another so information can flow freely between them.

Once that happens, you’ll create a SUPER COMMUNICATION HIGHWAY throughout your mind and body.

And any training that doesn’t take this crucial detail into account simply won’t get you the kind of lasting, transformative results that takes your life to a new level.

That’s exactly why I created this ground-breaking training, to give you the easiest and most complete way to reliably get ALL your brain centers working together so you can discover a new way of looking at your mind and your potential. 

Following this program is simple, easy to follow and fit into your daily schedule. 

You’ll discover everything you need one step at a time. 

Once you go through this program, you’ll know more about your mind and how to get it to do what YOU want than pretty much anyone you know. 

Because what makes this unlike any other mind training course, is that it combines cutting-edge HYPNOSIS, with the best of MINDFULNESS...the best of NEUROSCIENCE…and the best of NEURO-PLASTICITY… in a way that expands and builds as you progress through each week.

That means you’ll FEEL yourself building your mind muscle every day. 

All you have to do is listen to the daily guided training. Once you do that, you’ll… 

Radically And Profoundly Rewire Your
In A Superior Way

The training program is called:

The program is broken down into 8 Levels over 104 weeks with 728 training modules, along with 104 weekly workbooks to keep you motivated and on-track and so you can look back at the spectacular progress you’ve made.

In fact, here’s a preview of what you can expect to get out of the training as you go through each level: 

Level 1: The Basic Reset

Level 1 Daily Mind Training Weeks 1-8

  • How to develop the right mindset to learn at a deep unconscious level so that the techniques and learnings “seep” into your mind.

  • Stimulate and develop your mind-body connection to create a deep sense of inner balance

  • “Reset” your nervous system by training your mind and body to slow down and reconnect

  • Discover how to explore different features of your surroundings to deepen your awareness

  • Notice how your mental state SHIFTS and begins to affect your body’s responses (you’ll feel less stress and greater sense of well-being, to name a few!)

  • BOOST your attention as you explore qualities of reflection in the world around you

  • Start to perceive subtle differences in how you think by paying attention to contrast 

  • Bring more ease and comfort into your life (living with less struggle or strain ultimately leads to greater happiness!)

  • You’ll experience first-hand just how sophisticated your brain and mind truly are and the fascinating things you can do… 

  • Start thinking outside-the-box by challenging old assumptions your brain is making about the world around you. Chances are, many of these are keeping you stuck!

  • Discover how the mind makes mental shortcuts to predict the future (sometimes accurately, sometimes not!)… this is eye-opening!

  • Easily integrate the tools you pick up in “The Basic Reset” so they become your natural way of being and thinking from now on

  • Step-by-step guided trainings move you through Level 1 so your mind and body are ready to lift heavier “mental muscles”

  • Notice how your attention and awareness begin to take on new, powerful dimensions 


Level 2: The Body Scan

Level 2 Daily Mind Training Weeks 9-16

  • Discover how to use your body to IMPROVE your mind!

  • Continue to build your mind-body connection with the “Body Scan” guided trainings

  • Experience ancient meditations designed to RECONNECT the mind with the body (powerful things happen when you listen to this!)

  • Start to improve anything you do with your body… you’ll simply feel better

  • Find out what your IDEAL posture is… that makes you feel comfortable yet completely aligned… and your confidence will SOAR!

  • Explore the “micro-movements” in your body -- you’ll be amazed at what you notice about yourself

  • Use the “Posture Scan” to improve your posture and relax your body in a natural way

  • Expand your inner attention and feel your body form a stronger connection with your mind

  • Discover the fascinating way to focus, soften AND relax each area of your body separately… then all at once!

  • How to use The Breath Scan technique to create positive reinforcement that keeps your mind on track

  • How to notice the quality of your bodily sensations (the whole idea of mind training is to observe and allow energy to flow and change. You’ll enjoy this session!)

  • Harness your brain and turn it into a GOAL-ORIENTED device so you increase your motivation to stay focused and on track

  • The “Deep Scan” method for mastering deeper layers of your mind so you can reach any desired outcomes

  • Find out the fascinating relationship between boredom… and sleep! This might be getting in your way without you even realizing it

  • Deepen your ability to set a PURPOSE and GOAL for your mind training (this is key to making it a reality!)

  • Spark new connections between your mind and body with the FULL Body Scan… prepare yourself for an incredible experience

Level 3: The Breath Anchor

Level 3 Daily Mind Training Weeks 17-24

  • Discover a powerful breathing technique to focus attention and center your mind

  • How to HIJACK your biochemistry to lift your mood and instantly feel good

  • Use your breath to train yourself to stay in the present moment (most people dwell on the past or project into the future!)

  • The incredible role the vagus nerve plays as the “superhighway” of your intuitive intelligence

  • Breathing techniques you can use to control your stress levels whenever you feel tension building up inside you

  • Why you actually have more than one brain in your body, and what happens when one of them isn’t working at its full potential

  • How brain training will HARMONIZE your three “brain-centers” so they work together instead of becoming an energy drain

  • The true secret to having a well-trained mind (and the neuroscience behind why this works)

  • The part of the brain you MUST train if you want more joy, confidence, happiness… and success!

  • How you’ll feel once you’re FULLY balanced

  • Discover how breathing can send messages between different “brain centers” through your vagus nerve

  • The “Breath of Harmony” technique to send chemical signals throughout your body to encourage a peaceful state

  • Naturally and effortlessly adopt a breathing style that will keep you calm, focused and energized throughout the day

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Level 4: The Resource Generator

Level 4 Daily Mind Training Weeks 25-40

  • Maximize your positive states and minimize negative mental experiences with The Resource Generator 

  • Rewire your mind so it naturally focuses and remembers the positive (this gives you a BRIGHTER outlook that others can’t help but gravitate towards)

  • Create a foundation of positive resources that will support you as you move through each week

  • Develop the resources you need for a strong, healthy and resilient mind

  • How to hijack your worry response… and… reshape it into a more positive and useful resource

  • How emotions work on a neuronal level and what makes some thoughts and emotions more likely to occur over and over again (we’ll break these negative thought patterns!)

  • How to develop powerful emotional tools that give you the kind of experiences that make life exciting, meaningful and worth living

  • The reason you’re more likely to remember negative experiences more than positive ones (I’ll show you how to neutralize negative events!)

  • The key to making sure positive memories really sink in FOR GOOD

  • Create an arsenal of positive resources stored in your long-term memory

  • Step-by-step weekly trainings guide you through each stage of learning so you make the most of the Resource Generator

Level 5: The Resource Activator

Level 5 Daily Mind Training - Weeks 41-56

  • ACTIVATE your inner resources using the power of symbols (this is the language of your subconscious mind!)

  • How the two sides of the brain look at the world differently and how to use this knowledge to your advantage

  • Put the two hemispheres of your brain in complete balance so you become FULLY present while also becoming more success-oriented

  • Experience profound guided trainings with symbols designed to create inner harmony

  • Enhance the resources you developed in Level 4 by allowing your LEFT brain to communicate them to your RIGHT brain through symbols

  • “Switch on” the powerful DORMANT tools you’ve had all along

  • Techniques you can use right away to get the maximum benefit out of your unique resources

  • The surprising way the LEFT side of your brain interprets time and why this leads people to get STUCK in the past or future

  • Create meta-resources your mind can easily access whenever it needs

  • What happens when your left brain is out of balance (this is the reason many people feel disconnected from the world around them)

  • The real reason you’re not living in the moment

  • Why activating the RIGHT side of your brain is critical if you want to live a fuller life 

  • How the two hemispheres of your brain communicate between each other

  • Get to a point where you can plan for the future while still enjoying your life in the present

Level 6: The Intuition Engine

Level 6 Daily Mind Training Weeks 57-72

  • Activate extraordinary intuitive LEAPS with the “Intuition Engine”

  • The ONE trait all great mathematicians, innovators and leaders have in common (something you’ll train and grow in this level!)

  • The simple secret to escaping the confines of restrictive thinking

  • Generate your own mental “black light” to spot solutions, ideas and opportunities that were previously invisible to you 

  • Get access to the reservoir of knowledge you have below the surface of your “visible” mind (right now you’re only accessing the tip of the iceberg!)

  • Discover MIND-SHIFTING techniques to take you beyond your normal way of thinking

  • Continue to expand and deepen your mind-body connection so you can access your VAST resources of intuition

  • Start discovering solutions to problems and challenges MUCH faster and easier -- sometimes logic isn’t enough!

  • Develop the elusive kind of intuitive intelligence that allows you to come up with ground-breaking ideas and solve day-to-day problems effortlessly

  • The FATAL FLAW in trying to solve problems that involve logic (sometimes you just can’t win)

  • Discover the immense insight you have in your mind and body… this is what you know, but don’t know you know!

  • Change your state of mind so you can transform how you see the world and open up dazzling new ideas and opportunities

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Level 7: The Agapic

Level 7 Daily Mind Training Weeks 73-88

  • Improve your relationships and increase your well-being with “The Agapic”

  • Discover weekly mental exercises to increase your level of positive social interactions

  • The BIGGEST predictor of success (this one might surprise you!) and how to make it work in favor

  • Rewire your brain to naturally become happier with more positive emotions (this will make you more optimistic so people gravitate towards you!)

  • The secret to becoming healthier, more social AND more likeable

  • The “Agapic Laser Technique” that will work like a happiness and success tonic for your mind

  • What most people completely misunderstand about success

  • The 4 keys that predict someone’s level of mental and emotional balance

  • Start to feel more goodwill, friendliness and kindness for others… and watch how it stimulates your own brain to become more optimistic and happier

  • By the end of “The Agapic” you’ll enjoy social interactions on a much deeper level…  and… watch how it ripples throughout your life

  • Follow the trainings week-by-week for a simple and easy way to cultivate extraordinary resources

  • You’ll start to notice how you achieve more success… through happiness!

Level 8: The Neuro-Enhancer

Level 8 Daily Mind Training Weeks 89-104

  • Rev up your gratitude circuitry for incredible results with the “Neuro-Enhancer” 

  • Experience MORE positive emotions such as optimism, enthusiasm, love, joy, and happiness

  • Build the skills you need step-by-step to increase your appreciation for your life and feel a deep sense of joy (this is when you’ll start to reap some truly powerful benefits!)

  • What gratitude really means (hint: there are two parts to it)

  • Experience gratitude on an entirely new level opening up new dimensions in your mind and body

  • Increase your brain’s resilience to envy, greed, bitterness, and resentment

  • Find out how you can use different forms of gratitude to reap benefits in your attitude, social life and health

  • Why simply listing what you are grateful for is NOT enough… and how to make sure you experience gratitude in a truly transformative way

  • Discover “The Neuro-Enhancer” technique to exercise your brain’s gratitude circuitry

  • Follow the weekly trainings and notice how you become happier and more likeable to anyone you meet

  • The incredible way gratitude improves your health – you’ll start to experience this when you reach this level!

And MUCH, much more! 

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Needless to say, this will also transform you as a hypnotist and help you… 

Become An Elite-Level Practitioner
For 4 Important Reasons

REASON 1: By going through these mind training sessions, you’ll learn what your subject feels like during your hypnosis sessions

REASON 2: You’ll also become much more perceptive to what true change feels like because you will have experienced it for YOURSELF!

REASON 3: You’ll have a vast resource to turn to for ideas and strategies to help subjects facing similar problems in your sessions

REASON 4: You’ll inspire others to work with you by “going first” and showing others what it means to be healthy, vibrant and the best version of yourself. In fact, you’ll be such a sparkling person that others will simply want to know your secret and how you can help them.

But I must warn you. 

This program is NOT for someone who is looking for a “magic bullet”…

…Just like you would never expect one workout to transform you into an athlete, in the same way, training your mind to reach its full SUPERPOWER level of potential takes time.

And unless you’re willing to commit to your complete mind transformation ALMOST EVERY DAY, then this program isn’t for you.

The good news is that I’ve created this system to make it simple and enjoyable for you to become your best self by committing just 20 minutes a day whenever and wherever best fits your routine.

So this means...

It's Your Turn To Take Full Control Of
Your Mind and Your Life

Now here's where the rubber meets the road as they say.

Whether you want to achieve personal, professional, career, relationship, health, athletic or financial goals... or any goals for that matter -- your mind needs to be working at its full potential.

The Daily Mind Training Program is (by far) the most thorough and practical program to bring your mind and body into complete harmony, while tapping the unlimited potential of your intuition, emotional intelligence and unconscious mind. 

I developed it after years of in-the-field application with clients and students, and I tested everything in this program in the real world.

You can now have the secrets I shared with only a few students of mine, but because of the incredible transformations I’ve seen, I want as many people to try this program as possible because I am absolutely certain it will do wonders for you too. 

That’s why I’m offering a no-obligation 14 Day FREE Trial.


And if you decide you want to continue (and I’m VERY sure you will) then your investment will be $49.95 only $24.95 a month!

Which is a TOTAL NO-Brainer for 10+ hours of cutting-edge mind training every month!

Of course you can cancel the trial at any time during the first 14 days without being billed.

And you can cancel the program whenever you like after that too and not be billed any further months.

You are never under any obligation to continue the training!

And you're doubly protected because of the ...

100% Risk-Free Unconditional Further
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Check it out...

All I ask is that you give the program a fair try.

You’ll feel positive changes taking place soon after you start the program.

If you continue after your 14 Free Trial Ends then you’ll get 30 full days to continue testing the program out at my risk!

So try it out… if you aren’t thrilled by the results... even after the trial ends… then just let me know by email or telephone within 30 days of the trial ending and you’ll get every cent of your investment back!.

Like I said, you risk nothing and have a chance to discover powerful secrets for free if you choose to say YES!

Make today the first day of the rest of your new and better life, whatever the world tries to throw at you!

Get this new program on a no-risk basis right now...

You Don’t Risk a Thing Because You’re
Fully Protected By Our...

14 Day FREE-TRIAL Then A Further
30 Day MONEY-BACK Guarantee

    I truly believe in this mind training program and that’s why I’m happy to offer a 14 Day Free Trial followed by a no-nonsense refund policy with an unconditional further 30-day risk-free guarantee!

Go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity today.

See for yourself how powerful it is for helping you become smarter, happier and MUCH, MUCH more successful down the road!

Now is your time. Just click on the add to cart button below and get started right now...


What to do now:

Pure Gold TrainingI’m Taking The Unconditional
14 Day FREE Trial Of The Daily Mind Training Program


This is just what I've been looking for! Because your program guides me step-by-step to bring my mind and body into complete harmony... while tapping into the unlimited potential of my intuition... emotional intelligence and unconscious mind… so I can finally become the best version of myself!

Here’s a quick recap of everything I’m getting:

A no-obligation 14 Day FREE Trial of the unique and exciting Daily Mind Training Program.

I am getting instant free access to the 1st Week’s Workbook and the 1st Daily Mind Training then every day I’ll get access to a brand new Daily Mind Training. On Day 8 I’ll also get access to the 2nd Week’s Workbook and continue to get the daily trainings!

I’m taking advantage of a 14 Day Free Trial…(that’s 5 hours 2 Minutes of free cutting-edge mind training)…If I decide to continue with the Daily Mind Training program my investment is $49.95 just $24.95 per month!

Plus after the 14 Day Free Trial Ends I also have a further 30 Day 100% Guarantee! If I’m not 100% certain this program is for me (for whatever reason) during the guarantee period I can get a full refund, with no questions asked!
So I have nothing to lose and everything to gain by activating my 14 Day FREE Trial below of this exciting Daily Mind Training Program today…

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